A car radio component repair shop in Melbourne is offering a $2,000 discount on parts after a $500 repair.

CarRadio Repair Group owner Chris Gee said after the repair was done, he was offered $2.50 off the cost of the repair, which included the replacement of the factory radio’s power amplifier and antenna.

“We were shocked,” Mr Gee told News24.

“That’s like saying that if you bought a new car for $500, and it cost $2k to repair it, that’s the difference between $500 and $2K, and you’re entitled to the difference.”

Mr Gee’s business has had more than 40 radio parts orders over the past four months and has been dealing with customers who were disappointed to find out their parts weren’t coming back.

“It’s a little frustrating when people say they’re being charged twice, but there’s no difference between the two prices,” he said.

“Sometimes you have to pay twice to get the exact same product back.”

He said customers who paid in full had been refunded their money.

“People are just so happy that they can go back to the dealership and get their car repaired,” he added.

“But you don’t know how much money you’re going to be paying and the only way to figure that out is to have a full repair done.”

If you’re not paying for the parts, you’re paying for nothing.

“Mr Mascot said the discount came as a surprise.”

When you look at it, it’s really, really cheap,” he told the ABC.”

I mean, this is the biggest repair you can do for $200.

“The cost of a radio repair was the largest source of financial hardship for Mr Mascott.”

This is probably the cheapest thing I’ve ever done, I’ve never been able to pay this much money,” he explained.”

You know, we’re not getting a $20,000 replacement for our car.”‘

Not going to happen’The repair is part of Mr Goe’s ongoing quest to repair the reliability of his car radio.”

They’re just too old,” he revealed.”

Our old cars, the way they’re made, they’re not going to last this long.

We don’t want to buy a new one.

“My car’s been running for four years and we’ve only had one radio, the old one.”‘

They don’t look like that’It’s not just old cars that are affected by the high cost of radio repair, Mr Mabot said.

He said he found out his repair costs were too high when a dealership refused to provide him with a quote for the repairs.

“One of the dealership owners told me he had spent $600 on the radio and they don’t even look like the ones they’re selling now,” he recalled.

“What’s going on here?

They’re not replacing them?”

Mr Mabott said he would not pay any more for his repairs.