I know what you’re thinking: this DIY trick doesn’t work.

After all, I’ve done it twice and still got the car in pieces.

That’s because it works.

I’ve written about this trick before, so I won’t bore you with details.

The trick is that you remove the trunk cover and all the metal that’s holding it in place with the metal tools you’ll find in the garage.

After you’re done, remove the keypad with your fingernail, as it’ll need to be removed to open the car door.

The keypad has a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, so it’s all you need to remove it, as well as a plastic tool for pulling the metal cover back.

The next step is to cut out a piece of metal with a file and sand it down.

I used a sandpaper-like product called JB Sandpaper Plus, and it worked perfectly.

I also used a flat-head screwdriver to get a bit of clearance in the corners of the trunk.

Once you have the wood cut, remove it.

To remove the dash panel, just remove the door with the keyboard and pull out the dash with the pliers.

Once the dash is out, you can see the plastic covering on the dashboard and a few of the wires.

There are two holes that will hold the key pad in place, one in the center and one in between the top and bottom of the dashboard.

Remove these with the plastic tools you’ve used in the previous step.

With the key and keypad in place and all of the metal removed, you need a pair on the back of the key to push the keys out.

You can also get them out by pulling the plastic cover back with a pair to open up the door.