When the owner of a car mirror in Brooklyn decided to buy it from Craigslist, she found that her new car’s paint job had been removed and the interior replaced with a white car mirror.

“My car mirror is a piece of shit,” she said, adding that the company did not repair it.

The mirror was removed from the property, but the owner says she has no plans to return it.

The owner, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal, said that she is in the process of replacing her mirror with a different one.

“It was an accident.

I’ve never been in a car accident, so it’s pretty common for me,” she explained.

The problem began on July 25, when the owner received a call from the Brooklyn Police Department informing her that her car had been reported stolen, and that she had no idea where it was.

She said that her husband had reported the theft to police the previous day, and she had reported it to the dealership and they had told her to contact the NYPD.

The NYPD said it had received information that a vehicle in the area was reported stolen.

The owner, a woman in her 40s, went to the police station, where she was told to come in with her car and give them her license plate number.

The police officer, who was not named, asked her if she was sure the car was hers.

“Yeah, I think so,” the woman responded, and the officer informed her that the car had not been reported missing and that there was no warrant for her arrest.

The police officer then told the woman that the vehicle had been taken from the address on the rental property.

The vehicle was reported missing from the rental home on the same street as the rental shop, according to a statement from the police department.

The woman asked if the car would be impounded, and an officer told her that there were no warrants for her to be arrested for the theft.

The next day, she received a text message from the NYPD, asking if she wanted to have the mirror replaced.

She then contacted the dealership, who said that the mirror had been purchased from a Craigslist seller.

“I called the dealer, and they told me that they were going to get it back,” the owner said.

“The next thing I know, I’m at the police desk, and my car mirror was back in the store.”

The owner said that when she went to pick up her mirror from the store the next day she found it had been covered in black paint and had a small dent on its glass.

“When I came back, it was gone,” she added.

The car mirror had also been stolen from the owner’s sister’s home, which she said she had left behind when she moved to New York City.

“I think that was probably a good sign,” she noted.