Police have launched an investigation after receiving a number of complaints from members of the public about how they can’t buy car seats online without paying for them.

Key points:Police are asking anyone who has experienced a problem buying or installing a car seat to call them directly on 03 489 7111The car seat parts industry is boomingThe industry has grown so fast that it’s been able to take advantage of a “faulty” credit card systemPolice say the issue is caused by “faults in the card processing system”The problem stems from a number known as “card numbers”, which have become so widely used by the car seat industry that they are sometimes referred to as “Card Numbers of the Year”.

Police are now investigating the matter and have set up a hotline, where anyone who experiences a problem purchasing or installing an auto seat can get in touch.

“We are looking at this as a very serious matter,” NSW Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said.

“This is a fault in the credit card processing technology used by a number to process the credit cards.”

If this is found to be the case, police will be looking into it.

“Mr Ashton said it was believed the problem arose because some retailers have changed the way they process credit cards to process these card numbers, and this has led to the credit numbers being incorrectly processed.”

It’s a system that is not designed to accept these cards.

It’s an error, but we’re working hard to get this sorted out,” he said.

Police say these problems are happening because retailers are changing how they process card numbers to process this card numbers.

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