The first step is to make the parts, which are made of various materials and are usually used in different parts of the car.

Here is how to make them: Step 1: Take a block of steel and a piece of aluminium (such as a bolt, nut, and wrench) cut to the correct size.

Step 2: Take the other end of the block, and then take the top half of the aluminium and the other half of steel.

If you have two blocks of the same length and then you have made one, the pieces will be the same thickness, but the shape will be different.

If you have a single block of the desired shape, take it one at a time and add thickness.

Step 3: Take both halves of the blocks and add each other, then add the second block.

The top part of the metal should now have the shape of a turtle shell.

After that, you need to make two more blocks to complete the shell.

This is a tricky part, because you need two different lengths of the pieces of metal.

You can take them one by one and cut them in half, or use a pair of scissors.

Once you have the turtle shell, it can be glued on with the aluminium pieces and the top part glued to the bottom part.

Step 4: Repeat the process of the first step.

Step 5: Take two other blocks and glue them together to form the final part.

Here is the final result: To finish it, you can use the aluminium parts in different ways.

You could use a piece that is glued to an existing shell, for example.

Or you could make the shell out of plastic or aluminium foil.

Or if you are lucky, you might be able to use pieces of wood as the shell base. 

Step 6: Now it is time to attach the shell to the car part.

Here are the two shells: The first one is glued on the car, and the second one is attached to the shell itself.


You are now finished!