Car parts from the movie ‘Nagaraj’ are being sold in Mumbai for Rs 1,500 per unit.

The film has made the movie-star actor and actor-turned-politician Rajiv Malhotra a star in the city.

The film’s makers have been selling car parts in the movie theatres since 2011, when they first announced their plan to sell them for a few cents.

But now, a few months after the film, the car parts are being bought for Rs 50 per unit on websites like eBay.

“Nagapals are not a big industry, but this film was very much a hit, which is why they were given such a big shot,” said a dealer from Nandigram.

He asked not to be named.

Nagapsal car parts and accessories, including tires, wheels and other parts, are manufactured by the Nagapals, a community-based company.

The company’s president, Jyotiran Shah, said they were making a big comeback.

“Nagarapals have been working in the auto industry for over 40 years.

They are not only professionals but also craftsmen and artisans.

They manufacture a lot of high quality car parts,” he said.

“The market is so big that the Nagapsals are getting money through sales of car parts.

We have received an order of 100 Nagapal cars for a film production.

But we are working to supply 500 to 600 cars per week.”

He said they would also take orders for new parts from other manufacturers, but would be wary of selling to other car makers.

“We have been doing it for more than 40 years,” said the dealer.

“We will take the orders from other carmakers and work with them to provide them with car parts.”

For years, car parts dealers have been a small business in the car industry.

In the film industry, car dealers are also considered the middlemen, and many have been forced to sell their car parts at a loss to make ends meet.

The dealers have long been seen as a small part of the car market, but are now seen as crucial to making car parts for the industry.

They sell cars for around Rs 1 crore, but their profit margins are poor.

“In the last few years, the cars have come to be more affordable.

But even now, dealers are making less money.

We are struggling.

We need the money to survive,” said Sajid, a dealer in Nagapally.

“But we have the ability to get a good price for the parts.

The only thing we can’t do is sell at a profit.”

A car dealer from Nagapaly.

Source: Times of Indian News /Times of India.