The first thing you need to know about a vehicle is that you will need a lot of it.

So when you’re buying one, make sure you know what you’re getting.

Here are some basic car parts you might want to know.1.

What kind of parts?

Most cars come with a number of different parts, including: engine, transmission, brakes, tyres, air conditioning, suspension and the like.

For example, the Ford Fiesta comes with a Ford F-150 engine.2.

Which one do I need?

Most parts can be purchased from a range of car dealers.

The best way to find them is to call the number listed on the side of your vehicle and ask for a part number.

You can also ask the dealer for more details.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are a number you might be able to save by using online stores.

There are car parts shops that offer free shipping and some that charge extra for items you need.3.

What if I have a question about a part?

If you need help finding a particular part or you’ve purchased a particular item, you can call a specialist service.

Ask them for more information or get in touch with them.

They can advise you on how to safely get the part or equipment you need or ask you to return it for a refund.4.

How do I find out what kind of car part I need from the dealer?

Call your local dealer and ask.

Some dealers will give you a list of what they sell and the part number you need from them.

The dealer will usually let you know which parts they stock.

If you ask the right questions, you may find that you can save money by buying the part you need locally, or you can buy a specific part from them and get a refund on the spot.

For example, if you want a Ford E-Series EFI transmission, you’ll need a part with the part code F-13F-13, or a part code B-13E-13.

If your Fiesta is an F-350, it may have a B-12, or B-11.

If your Fiesta has a B12 transmission, the part may be B12.

This means it can be swapped for a B13, B14 or B15.

For more information, check out our How to Get the Part You Need guide.5.

How to find a particular dealer?

The dealer you call may also have online services for you to use.

If there’s no local service you can use, check the car parts section of the website for a particular car or vehicle.

For a full list of car parts dealers, see the Australian Automotive Manufacturers Association website.

For more information on car parts, check our guide on car repair.