More than a decade ago, ran a story about a new luxury car that could be purchased for under $25 million.

That car was a Mercedes-Benz S550, which had been built with the intention of using the company’s automated assembly line to build its own body.

That goal was eventually accomplished, and Mercedes sold its S550 for $25.7 million.

This year, the S550 has received a makeover, thanks to an automated assembly plant that will soon be capable of producing its own chassis and body.

If that sounds like a bargain, consider that the new model has a price tag of $33,900, which is $300 less than the base S550.

The S550 comes with an option that allows it to be retrofitted to the body of a vehicle with a price of $30,500.

This is the same car that has been sold for under half a million, but with the help of a new service company, the company will now be able to offer the car to a customer who wants to build their own chassis.

The new car will also be equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 engine, making it the fastest production car on the market, according to a company representative.