Why the league has taken a page out of the car parts playbook and changed its logo to the car.

This has been going on for quite a while now.

The NHL has taken to changing its logo and branding every few years since the start of the 20th century, and it seems like every year, it comes out with a new version of the iconic hockey-stick design.

The change came to an end with the NHL’s decision to pull the car logo from its website on March 7, and the logo has remained unchanged since.

What’s changed?

Well, the first big change was the decision to make the word “NHL” a single stroke instead of two, which was already common in the logo.

That was a nod to the league’s long-standing history of being an all-American sports franchise, but also a nod toward the fact that the NHL is the longest-running professional sports league in North America.

The league also dropped the number six from the name of the logo, which has been used since the 1960s, and instead has opted to go with a four-stroke “N.”

The NHL is also now using an arrowhead logo that includes the name “NBL,” which stands for “New Jersey League.”

It’s an interesting change to make to the logo itself.

As the name implies, the league is a franchise of New Jersey.

And with the change in the name, the name seems to mean something a bit more specific.

But this logo change has also resulted in some other changes, including the elimination of the “N” from the word hockey.

The word “NCAA” was used in the previous logo.

It also comes with some major differences from the previous design, though.

According to the NBA, the NHL logo is one of the oldest logos in the world.

The logo was first used in 1903 and has been in use for over three decades, although its been in various forms and configurations.

Since the NHL and the NBA were the first professional sports leagues to use the name NHL, it is probably safe to say the logo is a well-known part of sports history.