A Chinese website that sells electric car batteries has been inundated with requests for parts from overseas, a sign that the world’s largest auto maker is in the process of ramping up production capacity in China, where the company is currently producing cars.

Electric car parts and batteries are made in China and are usually sold in large, boxy black containers known as “batteries.”

It’s an attractive location, given China’s massive population, a growing economy and the country’s status as the world leader in manufacturing.

However, as electric car sales grow, Chinese authorities are tightening controls on overseas manufacturers.

This has led to a boom in overseas manufacturers, who have been able to import parts for EVs, as well as to domestic companies that sell components.

In the last year, the government has stepped up enforcement of rules, forcing Chinese companies to import some battery parts and parts for other parts, such as electric vehicles, and also to stop exporting batteries.

But in recent weeks, authorities have stepped up restrictions on overseas suppliers, which have forced some foreign manufacturers to scale back production.

The new regulations, announced on Sept. 6, also require foreign companies to stop shipping to China altogether.

It also bans foreign suppliers from importing batteries that are made from the Chinese battery industry, known as GDC.

GDC is a high-tech battery technology that is used in electric cars.

It is produced in the country by the GDC Group, a company known as a “Made in China” brand, according to the company.

Chinese authorities have been cracking down on the supply of batteries from abroad since the start of the year.

“In addition to the new rules, authorities announced a new anti-tampering law in October that is intended to increase the burden of the authorities on the GAC and GDC manufacturers,” the company said.

Under the new law, the country will “limit the importation and importation of batteries” and “impose strict penalties on those who fail to comply.”

Chinese regulators have also launched investigations against foreign companies for using counterfeit components, according the company, adding that it has received numerous complaints from customers.

Last week, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that it would require the manufacture of all new electric vehicles to use batteries manufactured in China.

China also has a strict “one-China” policy, which means that all of the country is subject to Chinese law, including the mainland.

Some of the companies that are being scrutinized by the authorities have expressed concern that if they import parts from abroad, they will be subject to a harsher law that may make it harder for them to export.

Batteries in China have been the target of government crackdowns before, with the Chinese government requiring imported components to meet standards that they had not met before.

As part of the crackdown on imported parts, Chinese regulators have issued orders to ban battery parts that were manufactured in the United States and parts that came from overseas.

Over the years, the Chinese have cracked down on some domestic suppliers, including BMW, Tesla and Ford.