A year after the Toyota Supras engine died on the streets of Japan, it looks like Toyota may be back in business.

The company’s new chief executive officer, Takashi Ide, confirmed on Twitter that Toyota will be offering a replacement for the Supra’s engine in 2018, according to a Reuters report.

It will be called the “Takumi Engine,” and it will be a 3.0-liter inline-four with a fuel economy of 45mpg.

The engine will come standard with the 3.6-liter turbocharged four cylinder, and the car will be able to get up to 50 mpg.

Toyota will have to make the new engine available to buyers on its website and in dealerships, which will be in all 50 states.

This will allow customers to get the new engines on their cars sooner, rather than waiting for dealerships to sell them to consumers.

It’s unclear if this new engine will be offered in the US, but if it is, Toyota will likely have to bring it to the US.

Toyota’s engine is the only one of its engines that is still in production.

The other engines are the Lexus ES and Lexus IS, which are currently being built by the Japanese automaker.