Honda Civic’s new ‘sport’ concept gets ‘Sporty’ new paint scheme

Honda’s newest vehicle is the newest in the company’s sporty design philosophy, and that means it’s getting its new “sporty” paint scheme.The Honda Civic, with a starting price of $22,700, was unveiled on Thursday at the Tokyo Motor Show, a show for cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles that features an emphasis on design.The Civic will […]

How to make your own VW car parts

Volkswagen and Volvo have teamed up to make some awesome cars.In fact, the two companies have announced the creation of a car parts brand that will bring VW and Volvo parts together, with the aim of offering a “more comprehensive experience” for its customers.VW says it will bring its Car Parts Brand to Volvo’s brand […]

How to repair a broken car

It is a common sight in most countries, a car wheel that has gone missing, but rarely is it repaired because the owner refuses to fix it.A similar story has unfolded in the United States, where many car owners refuse to fix broken tires or a broken brake system, saying they are too expensive.In the […]

What you need to know about police car parts cleaner

Police car parts cleaning is an essential part of the job.But how to clean a police car?A police car cleaner is a specialist who uses a specially designed tool to remove the paint, rubber and brake pads from the car.They are not part of any police vehicle maintenance department, but can be hired for a […]

When a car part company goes under, you can expect to get a bit of a shock

Posted by Business Insider on Tuesday, 25 February 2019 16:10:22When a car parts company goes out of business, it can leave you a bit in the dark.It’s not uncommon for car parts shops to close, and for many people, it’s a tough time to start looking for a new one.But what if the parts you […]

How to replace the tires on a car with a caliper

There’s a lot to be said for the old adage, “The more tires you have, the more fun you have.”But when it comes to tires, you have to be careful.The good news is that a few years ago, tire manufacturers were able to find ways to make their tires better.These days, tires have more traction, […]

When a new car company makes a big announcement, we all take note of its size and potential

By David Jones, ESPN Staff WriterIn the fall of 2017, a new company called Scottsdale Car Parts was born.The company was founded by a group of former owners of who were dissatisfied with their current company’s inability to compete with the likes of Toyota, Honda, Nissan and other major car companies.ScottsDOTParts.Com is the latest […]

How to identify if your vehicle is in a crash

Police officers and paramedics can save lives by recognizing vehicles they have helped in the past.But they often don’t know exactly what kind of vehicles they are helping, which is why some cities are introducing legislation requiring their police departments to keep track of their vehicle inventory.The legislation comes amid a growing concern about police […]

Trucker’s car parts finder now available online: The Trucker

title Trucks and Car Parts Finder now online: Trucker video article title A car parts search: Truckers Car Parts Finder now online article title Car Parts Search: The trucker’s trucker car parts Finder article

Obama: GOP ‘no friend of American workers’

In an interview with Politico published Tuesday, President Barack Obama criticized Republican lawmakers who have opposed his healthcare reform plan.The president said they “no longer have the confidence of the American people.”Obama has vowed to move ahead with his health care plan even as congressional Republicans have opposed it.The Republican plan would roll back several […]


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